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Carry out the self collection of samples

If you would like to submit to the test, you will receive a buccal swabs kit for the collection of saliva at the given address.

In case different biological material for the analysis is required, please specify this when asking for the kit and you will receive a dedicated kit.

The samples will be used in laboratory extracting DNA, executing amplification by PCR, sequencing by capillary electrophoresis, analyzing fragments with dedicated software and statistically analyzing results.

The do-it-by-yourself kit

Oral or buccal swabs
Usually the collection kit contains a number of buccal (oral) swabs or strips of absorbing paper enclosed in cardboard. The swabs sterile cotton shell is used to absorb saliva from the subject, to be tested.

Along with the kit there is enclosed a simple questionnaire which you must fill in with information about the subjects (like: age, sex, stock belonging to, presumed relationship, swabs labels, etc.)

Sampling procedure

The precautions to take for a correct collection of a saliva sample suitable for paternity test are very simple. In the following the correct sampling procedure is given.

Before the collection
The person subjected to the test is not permitted to eat or drink for at least 1 hour before the sampling.

Before taking the sample rinse the mouth with water, without the use of toothpaste or any other kind of products for oral hygiene or dental care.

The sampling
It is necessary to use one swab per person, paying attention not to touch the cotton. It is suggested to use clean gloves.

To take the mouth swab, rub the cotton bud firmly back and forth six times against the inside of each cheek (inside the mouth).

Please pay attention to the marking on the test tube!

If you want to have more than three people tested (e.g. second child), please use the swab marked ?reserve? for this. Further swabs can be obtained from us on request.

After taking the swab sample, allow it to dry in the open air for at least four hours (or longer e.g. over night). Place the swab in a glass so that the cotton bud protrudes out of the top.

The swab should only come into contact with the tested person after opening.

   Samples collection

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