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Categoria: Indice / webmaster / perl
Perl Diver : Module Documentation
Perl Diver 2.31. Module Documentation ... Details and documentation about a specific module, including version and documentation (if available). Note that while ... usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.6.0/i386-linux/ ...
Perl Diver : Module Documentation
Perl Diver 2.01. Module Documentation ... extends the GD module by allowing you to create polylines ... CGI Script Help File
Dot Matrix CGI Script Help File. Please see the bottom of this page if you need assistance installing a script. Basic Configuration Information. Your path to Perl is correct. Your server is running Perl version. 5.008. Your domain name is
Slackware Italia - Sezione Articoli
... enable-extra-encodings Librerie - GD Le gd sono librerie grafiche di supporto ... a --activate-module=src/modules/perl/libperl.a --enable-module=perl A questo punto tutto ...
DevChannel | Generating Perl graphs with GD::Graph
Generating Perl graphs with GD::Graph -- article related to Web Development and Development Tools. ... this sit two Perl modules: Lincoln Stein's GD module, which allows Perl developers to access ... GD facilities, and Martien Verbruggen's GD::Text module, which provides a Perl interface ...
Tue Apr 8 2003 Axel Thimm <> - Update to 1.39. - Adapt to new macros. * Thu Dec 5 2002 Axel Thimm <> - Initial build.
Index of /modules/by-module/GD
... Index of /modules/by-module/GD. Name ... 09-Jan-2003 09:16 - GD-1.16.readme 19-Dec-1997 10:16 8k GD-1.16.tar.gz 19-Dec ...
GD Patches
GD Graphical Library - Patches to privide GIF support ... into version 2.041 of Lincoln Stein's Perl Module. Depending on where you live, this ... 041 of Lincoln Stein's Perl Module. Depending on where ...
(jcwren) RE: RE: Re: GD Module
This is a search engine friendly archive of PerlMonks. You should really go to the actual page, since many of the interactive features do not work from here. "be consistent." (jcwren) RE: RE: Re: GD Module ... in reply to RE: Re: GD Module. in thread GD Module. Image::Magick is a Perl interface into libmagick ...
Modules on CPAN alphabetically
... but are included in the current release of Perl Module List. To keep the size of this list ... Jul 2002 Apache ISAAC Apache-GD-Thumbnail-0.03.tar.gz 3k 01 ...
Jan Pazdziora: Perl
Perl Page of Jan Pazdziora with Perl modules and lecture notes ... Lspell. GD::Latin2. Czech Perl mailinglist ... system of MU we used CGI scripts with Perl module that automatically finishes HTML output with visual elements like ... For Perl Programmers : only
Brian Ingerson's curious new module allows you to specify which version of a module you want Perl to load - and even to install multiple versions at the same time. ... Lincoln Stein's excellent GD module for example. is a toolset for creating graphic images from Perl programs. Up to version 1.19, GD supported the GIF format ...
Lincoln Stein's Home Page
... User Manage script ... The Apache Module Book: Fast Dynamic Pages in Perl and C ...
RPM of Group Development/Languages/Perl
... computing for Perl. perl-GD-2.02-2. GD - Interface to Gd Graphics Library. perl-BnP-2.1.0-8. BnP perl module ...
SVG::GD PNG and SVG Test Matrix
... provide single-point replacement for the Perl GD module in order to generate SVG images using existing Perl ... The GD module is further described here: Lincoln Stein's Perl GD module ... | Products and Services
... Objective C support for gcc. gd. 1.8.4 ... A DAV module for Apache. mod_perl. 1.26 ... Bücher: Perl Module, m. CD-ROM
Perl Module, m. CD-ROM, Eric Foster-Johnson ... den Skriptsprachen hat sich Perl als die flexibelste erwiesen; im ... Routinen - OO Perl: Perl-Klassen, Perl-Objekte - Standard-Module, Datei-Module, Grafik-/GD-Module - Perl im Web ...
Exploring Perl Modules - Part2: Creating Charts with GD::Graph LG #83
...making Linux just a little more fun! Exploring Perl Modules - Part2: Creating Charts with GD::Graph. By Pradeep Padala. Introduction ... have noticed that creating charts with the GD module is cumbersome. ( ... information about loading Perl modules.) Martien Verbruggen has created the GD::Graph module that allows easy ...
Exploring Perl Modules - Part 1: On-The-Fly Graphics with GD LG #81
... So you have installed your favourite module and are raring to learn ... article we will explore the perl GD module, which provides an interface to GD library. We will also ...
GD enables CGI scripts to dynamically generate images. Examples of the use of GD with Perl/CGI include web logs and web statistics, online voting graphs, scientific graphs generated from various data inputs (e.g. ... When used in a Perl context, GD offers a Perl module with the gd graphics library ... fact, when downloading the GD Perl module, the latest version of gd is also ...

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